Education and Innovative developments

Educational enhancements involve a number of tips that can be used in different areas of the education system: theory and practice, curriculum, educating and learning, policy, technology, institutions and administration, institutional way of life, teacher education, etc . It is vital to understand that innovation need to be directed toward improvement in the whole educational procedure, not only in...

Bitdefender Antivirus Assessment

A free malware protects your pc from the several threats that could harm the body. It also has a feature that can assist you avoid going to malicious websites. Hence, it is necessary to put in an effective antivirus security software. There are various no cost antivirus programs that may be downloaded from the web. You should select one that...

Info Software for Business Applications

Data software program helps businesses and companies to gather and manage info. These tools are used for both detailed and predictive analytics. Additionally they enable users to discover hidden patterns. A few big data tools include interactive dashes. These digital interfaces support data analysts to visualize the data collected. Users can personalize the layout and widgets belonging to the dashboard...

What to Look For in Free of charge Antivirus Software

If you’re trying to find the best no cost antivirus software, there are lots of options to choose from. They will range in features and functionality. Several become more comprehensive than others. Ultimately, you should use your own judgment in determining which is good for your needs. Even though pi toolbox user guide for the top-rated goods may be too...


Beras Bengawan

Rp 11.621

Gula Pasir Dalam Negri

Rp 12.925

Bimoli Botol/Kemasan (sps) 1 Liter

Rp 20.901

Minyak Curah

Rp 13.504

Daging Ayam Broiler

Rp 33.159

Daging Ayam Kampung

Rp 66.526

Telur Ayam Kampung

Rp 43.269